elite athletes

With elite athletes, small changes make all the difference. At Scoliosis Revolution we help you to achieve your sporting goals and exceptional performance. We create bespoke treatment plans to ensure optimum fitness and achievement. 

Due to the increased interest in physical fitness and athletes beginning their training at a younger age than ever before the risk of injury increases. We will support you to reach optimal body symmetry in order to enable you to reach your goals and limit the potential for injury. 

In recent studies scoliosis has been found in up to 80% of athletes who have a differing load on the trunk and shoulders comparative to elsewhere on their body.  These range from sports such as tennis through to javelin.  

At Scoliosis Revolution we have worked with a range of elite athletes, from swimmers to dressage riders, all looking to make marginal gains to improve their performance.

If you are an elite athlete and would like to find out more information on how we can support you, please contact us at:   01827 908 750